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All about my experiences in building a John Smith Busker Organ.

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Several years ago I tried to obtain some details of the 'works' of mechanical organs.  I searched the web, tried the local library and asked the owners and operators of such instruments, but to no avail.  Then, the interest having re-surfaced, I searched the internet again and eventually found various sites describing the construction of John Smith's busker organs.

I ordered the plans for the 20 note busker whereupon I found John's design extremely easy to build.  Good results can be achieved with fairly simple tools, although a small band-saw and bench drill would be a great help.  Neither of these need be expensive if you avoid top quality.  There are some slight deviations from the original design where I have suitable tools to make this possible.

Absolute dimensions and constructional details have been deliberately omitted, except where I have made modifications, as inclusion would be an infringement of John's copyright.  Builders will need to purchase the plans to obtain this information.

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